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I am Yvette Uwisoneye who Like to see work done well when I did a part. By Career I am an IT. A Software Developer & Network Engineer. I am aiming to be much more Independent, Employer and to be Selfless.

Software developer & Network engineer.

  • Birthday: November 7th
  • Website: Uwisoneye.com
  • Phone: +250 7224 91058
  • City: Butare, Rwanda
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Degree: Bachelor
  • E-Mail: infos@uwisoneye.com
  • Freelance: Available

If you want to know more regarding my profession and or services that i can offer; you may reach me on contacts provided down on this portifolio. i will be very happy to serve you.


HTML 80%
CSS 82%
django python55%
Packet Tracer87%
Arduino 70%
Python 40%
citrix server55%
PHP7 Learning




Yvette Uwisoneye

hardworkig and deadline-driven software developer with 7+ years of experience in IT department.

  • Portland par 127,Orlando, FL
  • (250) 780-487858
  • infos@Uwisoneye.com


Bachelor's degree in computer engineering and minor in AI

2018- 2022

Bachelor of science in Computer Engineering GPA: 3.36 Minor in Artificial Intelligence and have been on Dean's list 2020

United Arab Emirates University is a public research university located in Al Ain, United Arab Emirates. UAEU is also known as a comprehensive, research-intensive university committed to innovation and excellence in teaching and research.

high school diploma in Mathematics, Economics and computer engineering

2015 - 2017

Groupe Scholaire Notre Dame de Lourdes, GSNDL, Byimana, Ruhango-Rwanda

I graduated this degree with Aggregate: 70/73 in national examination

Professional Experience

Network Engineer and Software Developer

2018 - Present

software developer and network engineer

  • Designing and implementing new network solutions and/or improving the efficiency of current networks
  • Configuring firewalls, routing and switching to maximise network efficiency and security
  • Installing, configuring and supporting network equipment including routers, proxy servers, switches, WAN accelerators, DNS and DHCP
  • Development interactive Web based Systems for Management, Personal or Organization

Peer Tutor

February 2019 – May 2022

Helping university students to understands some courses, Al ain, UAE

  • Explained some courses from scratch
  • Working as peer tutor in UAEU tutorial center which is the student success unit of UAEU’s Tutorial center.
  • Tutored almost 300 hours as peer tutor, where I was helping students to learn and understand concepts

Projects I Have accomplished

I have accomplished 3 Major Projects, Namely: Smart Classroom, Alarming System for Asthma Management Based on Lung Functionality and Authonomous Vehicle using Arduino my cute closer option to my career is working in Education System.

This was team of 5 students plus one faculty Undergraduate student researcher which was done in between June 2022 and December 2022
 We developed personalized alarm system for Asthma management based on lung functionality and air quality.
 We did Personalized Alarming System for Asthma Management Based on Lung Functionality to 2023.
 We had to come up with understanding of relationship between lung functionality and air quality in the management of asthma, and the need to consider individual differences in order to effectively manage this chronic disease.
 Our research article got a copyright from IEEE. And The paper is of type application/pdf and has a length of 518581 bytes. Our paper #1570877129 for BME-2023 ASET has been accepted.

Alarming System for Asthma Management

Based on Lung Functionality

 I designed a smart classroom application with the help of artificial intelligence techniques, e.g., face recognition and whiteboards.
 This application allows students to mark attendance using facial recognition, and faculty will get full information about students who are present or absent in class without calling one by one manually; this is to enhance the learning process and make it easier and faster to take attendance.
 This will ease the process of taking attendance with the instructors. In addition to this, whiteboard features will be used to make the classroom interactive between students and faculty.
 I have used artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other technologies as well as python and frond-end and back-end development tec.

Smart Classroom Application

Nominated and Shortlisted for the Best Senior Project Award.

A self-driving car we did was a vehicle that uses a combination of sensors, motor, cameras, radar, and artificial intelligence (AI) to travel between destinations without a human operator and with Obstacle Avoidance. The main difference between the earlier projects of normal car and this Autonomous car is that this one does not need driver; they are autonomous vehicle which are driverless in streets. Moreover, this is microcontroller. We have used different tools and hardware components to make it real those include Ultrasonic sensor which is an instrument which helped us to measure the distance between an object/obstacle and vehicle using ultrasonic sound waves. We did our car using the open- source Arduino software (IDE) application to write the code and used several hardware tools that performed different tasks such as keyestudio UNO R3, keyestudio L298N motor shield, I2C 1602 LCD, HC-SR04 Ultrasonic sensor, IR sensor and four motor for each wheel.

Autonomous Vehicle

Using Arduino

My Services

Below are Services that I can happily serve you. In case you need any of them please dont hesitate to contact me on the provided contacts

Website development

I can do well looking website.do you want to own one? please do not hesitate to contact me

IT assistant

Performs a variety of moderately complex information technology support duties to ensure smooth delivery of technology services.

Customer Support team

by Grace, i have talent of hospitality, I would LOVE to inquire about the OPPORTUNITY of filling an OUTSTANDING standing position of Client Support Executive


My studies focused on self studies and projects assesment which prepared me well for this position of being research assistant

Digital System Engineer

I have completed my education studies at United Arab Emirates University(UAEU). During these studies, students are readied for the position of being good in his/her career.

IT Manager

my studies focused on IT as the topics of main kingpin. these topics are extensively discussed. In order to make good use of my acquired knowledge and skills i would love togive this support


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+971 5452 44011

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